The New Relationship Between Consumer and Modern Distribution: Scenario, Role, Future Opportunities for Organic Products.

Press review


In 2023, the inflationary scenario changed, with a progressively slowing dynamic: during 2023, the price growth stood at 5.7%, down from 8.1% in 2022 but still having significant impacts on Italian families.

Despite the slowdown in price growth, this situation prompted Italians to adopt strategies to safeguard their purchasing power. In this context, about 9 out of 10 Italians implemented strategies to manage their food expenses: specifically, 71% gave up purchasing unnecessary products, 64% did their shopping primarily based on promotions, while more than 6 out of 10 Italians purchased private label products.

Despite this unfavorable picture that characterized the past year, spending intentions on domestic food consumption seem to improve for 2024: the percentage of those intending to increase consumption quantities exceeds that of those intending to reduce consumption, indicating an improving trend considering that the same difference was -1 percentage point in the monitoring conducted in August 2023.

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