At SANA, FederBio and Being Organic in EU held a seminar on the future of Italian animal husbandry.

Press review


“The ecological transition also involves livestock farming, as intensive farming is a cause of significant greenhouse gas emissions that have contributed to making agriculture the third most polluting sector, after energy and industrial processes. However, the alternative cannot certainly be synthetic meat, which eliminates the role of farmers and local communities in food production and could lead to the definitive abandonment of entire areas of our country.” This was stated in a press release by FederBio, which continues: “The only livestock farming model that respects animal welfare, the environment, and biodiversity is organic and biodynamic, based on the relationship between animal husbandry and plant production to maintain and increase soil fertility.” The seminar on Italian animal husbandry, titled “Why the Future Can Only Be Organic,” which will take place at SANA on Friday, September 8th, at 3:00 PM (suite room – block c), aims to delve into the reasons why organic farming, based on the animal-nature connection and a perfect example of a circular economy, is the best choice to respond to a consumer demand increasingly focused on sustainability.

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